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Smile Makeover Before and After

By May 7, 2022 August 15th, 2023 No Comments
a person with smile makeover holding an apple

A smile makeover comes in many different forms. However, no matter what type of smile makeover you go for, it’s really important to take before and after photos. Some makeover processes are gradual, so you won’t really notice a huge difference. The people around you most likely notice but you should document your before and after and the process as well.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is any kind of process that will change your smile in some way. There are many different ways that a smile can be improved. The point is to do something that changes your smile in some way. That can be done by working with your smile specifically, but some people choose to have a smile makeover with other parts of their facial appearance as well.

It’s totally up to you. However, the place that most people go for a smile makeover is the dentist. The processes to improve your smile are typically cosmetic in some way.

Ready for a confident, healthy smile?

Characteristics of a Smile Makeover

When you want a smile makeover, there are several moving parts. What is it about your smile that needs to be improved? Do you feel as though your teeth are discolored? Perhaps you have chipped or damaged teeth. Of course, there are things like the positioning of teeth that also might impact your smile.

different people showing their smiles


Here are some of the bases to look through for ways to improve your smile.

  • Discoloration: One common thing that people want to improve with their smiles is the color of their teeth. Everyone wants whiter teeth and there are several ways to accomplish that. If your teeth are stained or feel yellow to you, you can go through a tooth whitening process to makeover your smile.
  • Tooth Length: It’s quite possible for a tooth to be shorter or longer than it should be. This often can throw off your smile or make someone self-conscious about how they look. Tooth bonding can be a good way to correct this but there are also veneers that can be useful and sometimes braces can help as well.
  • Chipped or Damaged Teeth: When teeth are damaged, this can affect your smile. A great way for a smile makeover is to fix damaged teeth. There are different ways to fix damaged teeth. This might be a situation for tooth bonding but sometimes veneers, crowns, Lumineers, or implants could be good solutions.
  • Missing Teeth: A missing tooth or missing teeth can certainly impact your smile. The best way to correct this is to have a dental implant placed but a bridge can also be used to fill in the missing tooth. Work with your dentist for the best solution.
  • Spacing & Alignment: alignment and spacing are one of the biggest smile makeover moves. These are often handled through aligners or braces. Those can align crooked teeth and fix spacing issues from tooth placement. You might also be able to fix spacing issues with tooth bonding, depending on the tooth.
  • Facial Makeovers: Finally, if the smile makeover you’re looking for is not really just your mouth, there are other things that you can do. Cosmetic surgeries and treatments can adjust your smile in other ways and many people turn to these solutions as well.
a smiling man looking at the mirror

How to Get a Smile Makeover

There are always little things that you can do at home to work on your smile. Taking care of your teeth and being proactive about oral health can play a significant role in your smile. Even if you have imperfections that you want to work on, you might be able to do some of those things from home.

For example, there are several teeth whitening solutions that allow for home treatment. You can also work with your dentist for teeth whitening. A laser or LED treatment can be quite effective and now you can even find these for home use. There are mouth rinses and toothpastes designed for home treatment as well.

If you have significant issues, the best way to get a smile makeover is to work with a dentist that handles smile makeover treatments. The thing is that a smile makeover really needs to be tailored to you. Assuming that everyone can use the exact same approach is not helpful.

a girl showing her smile

Your smile makeover needs to be tailored to correcting your smile and achieving the things that you want with your smile. This might include the things we mentioned above or even a combination of things. Find a dental office that you feel comfortable with and then work with them for the best treatment plan to get you the smile makeover you deserve.

Documenting Smile Makeover Before and After

When you work with a professional, they often take scans, x-rays, and possibly even photos before and after your treatments. You’re going to want those, and you should definitely refer to them. Many orthodontists will provide you with photos and x-ray copies of the process so you can see just how the treatment worked.

However, we recommend taking your own before and after photos as well. In fact, we would guess that when you were considering your smile makeover, you looked at before and after photos from other people as well.

closeup of personćs smile before and after

Follow these steps to take awesome before and after photos. Feel free to track your progress throughout your smile makeover journey.

  1. Find a space with great lighting. It might be beneficial to have someone help with your photos.
  2. Start with full face photos from the front and each side. You can do one with a smile and one showing your teeth fully.
  3. Next, take a close-up photo of your smile. This photo can just be a smile.
  4. Next, take a close-up photo of the parts of your smile. This is your teeth so be sure to use a smile that is open and shows your teeth. You will want to see the changes.

If there are any specific angles that appeal to you, you can add those photos in here. The key is to capture your smile and track the changes.

Now – go get that smile makeover and show it off to everyone!

Ready for a confident, healthy smile?

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