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The Foods That Make or Break Your Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth twice a day might not help much if you consistently indulge in foods that negatively impact your oral hygiene. That’s right – your dental health is about so much more than the toothpaste or mouthwash you invest in. The food we ingest affects all parts of our bodies, and it always starts with the mouth.

We have compiled a list of things you should either look out for or consider beneficial for your dental health. When playing your next slot game, avoid snacking mindlessly. If you’re searching for a great option, check Book of Dead at Slotozilla. This popular game can be a great way to unwind, provided you balance your playtime with other healthy activities.

The Bad Guys

Certain foods cause tooth damage because they can lead to plaques, a bacteria-filled layer that covers the teeth. Once you develop plaques, the bacteria can break down tooth enamel, which will cause cavities to emerge. If issues like these are left to fester, they can turn into serious mouth diseases such as gingivitis, which can be much more problematic. Here are just some of the foods that might put you in this situation:

Carbonated Drinks

There is no shortage of information on the amount of damage carbonated drinks can cause to our bodies. When it comes specifically to oral health, fizzy drinks or pop sodas can cause teeth plaque to release heavy amounts of acids. For individuals who drink a lot of such beverages, their mouths are essentially coated in acid all day long.

Sodas that are darker in colour may also cause teeth discolouration. These drinks also dry out the mouth by reducing the amount of saliva produced. All in all, carbonated beverages are not the best thing to put in your mouth if you’re looking out for your oral health.

Dried Fruits

This might come as a surprise to many readers because people generally believe that dried fruits are a healthy snack option. However, even these ‘healthy’ options can damage teeth. Dried fruits such as figs and raisins can be excessively sticky, which increases their chance of sticking to teeth.

Thus, they might leave behind a lot of sugar, which can lead to the issues we have already touched on. Fresh fruits are the better option because they are less concentrated with suga.


Many individuals cannot start their day without their daily dose of caffeine, but that one glass of beverage might be causing damage to your teeth. Consuming heavy amounts of coffee and tea can stain the teeth and also dry out the mouth.

Furthermore, add-ons like chocolate, sugar, and creamers can also turn these healthy drinks into their not-so-healthy variants. It’s alright to indulge in these beverages, but just ensure that you stay hydrated with water and limit unhealthy add-ons to a minimum.

Citrus Fruits

We know we said that fruits are a healthier alternative to dried fruits, but not all of them. Citrus fruits, such as lemons and grapefruits, can also damage oral health. The juices in citrus fruits are highly acidic, which can cause tooth enamel erosion over time.

However, you also cannot completely cut down on these fruits because they are an essential source of Vitamin C, calcium, and other nutrients. Doctors have pointed out that orange juice tends to be less acidic, so you can consume those options and then always remember to brush and floss once done.


Potato chips might not have sugar, but they have another ingredient that can damage the teeth in a similar way: starches. Starch can also cause tooth plaques to release acids, which then contribute to decay and cavities. The best way to consume any crisps or related snacks is to floss afterwards so all tiny particles are removed from the crevices in between the teeth.

The Do-Gooders

Don’t get depressed because there are certain items that will help advance your oral hygiene instead of damaging it. Here is a list of items that you can safely consume without worrying about your oral health:

The Food Why Is It Good For The Teeth
Water Helps wash away food particles regularly while also keeping saliva levels high
Leafy greens such as spinach and kale High in nutrients such as calcium and folic acid
Raw pears Good at neutralizing mouth-decaying acids
Nuts Full of nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus
Dairy items Contain nutrients such as calcium and phosphates and also help in the rebuilding of tooth enamel
Green tea/Black tea Contain polyphenols which hold back bacteria in tooth plaques

Final Thoughts

Not everything we eat has the same type of effect on our dental health. While some foods can turn out to be quite harmful for our oral hygiene, others can also help dial down the damage. This is why a balanced diet is the key to good oral health.

This way, you will still be able to enjoy the slightly tooth-damaging foods, because you will also consume their antidotes. The Canadian Dental Association has all the essential information you need to know for proper dental hygiene, so be sure to check their resource guides out as well.

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