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Full Mouth Restoration Cost

By May 19, 2022 August 15th, 2023 One Comment
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Dental procedures can certainly add up quickly. If you just need something small and simple done, these are often more affordable. They can still be pricy but the real hit to your pocketbook comes when you need a full mouth reconstruction or restoration.

Whether you have health issues that led to bad teeth or just simply didn’t care for your teeth at some point in your youth, the cost to have that corrected can add up quickly. It’s quite possible that a full-mouth restoration could cost up to $50,000. It simply depends on what type of restoration is needed.

Let’s look at the costs more closely.

Type of Restoration

The first thing to figure out is what type of restoration is going to be used. For example, will the client be using dental implants, dentures, or some other option? Dental implants and dentures vary in costs so this will affect the price of restoration.

Before you go trying to figure out how much restoration is going to cost, you need to first determine what process is going to be used for restoration. While dentures and implants might be the most common solution for full mouth restoration, there are times when something like veneers or crowns might be used instead.

dental implants and dentures exposed in a dentist's office

What Affects the Cost?

There are several factors that will make a difference on your cost. Breaking down the costs and understanding what goes into the costs helps to figure out what your total cost might be. Let’s look at some of those factors.

The Procedure

The first thing to figure out is what procedure is going to be used. If dental implants are the plan, these are the most expensive approach but also the longest lasting. Dentures are more affordable but typically don’t last as long. Dental bridges, veneers, and crowns are all more affordable, but they may not always be a great solution.

How Many Teeth?

In this case, you’re likely looking at restoring all of your teeth, or at least the majority of them. Many of these procedures charge you per tooth. Dental implants are typically charged per tooth, although a full mouth might have a specific charge in some places. There are higher costs for restoring a higher number of teeth.

calculator and oral hygiene items

Your Location

Each geographical location is going to have varying factors. Someone in California will likely pay more for full mouth restoration than say someone in a Midwest state like Kansas. The region you are in and the cost of living in that area will likely play a role in the cost that you pay for full mouth restoration.

Dental Fees

Another factor that varies is simply what your dental office charges. Some offices charge more because they have specific areas of expertise or extensive knowledge. When a dentist is in high demand, they likely will also have higher prices.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance plans very rarely do not cover cosmetic dental procedures, unless they are medically necessary. If you have extensive tooth damage, it is possible that your insurance will cover but it depends heavily on the insurance. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance provider to see if any portion of the restoration will be covered. Your dental provider might also be able to run an insurance check for you.

Average Cost Overview

The cost of your dental procedure will certainly depend on the procedure that occurs. Will there need to be extractions and then additional restoration processes like dental implants? Will you need something like bone grafting or potentially a root canal?

These are all important parts of the process and there will be a charge for each part of the process. From your x-rays and preparation to the actual procedures themselves.

Here are some average costs to be aware of.

  • Root canal: if a root canal is necessary as part of the restoration process, this typically costs about anywhere from $600-$1500. It depends on the location of the root and the tooth. It will also depend on how many teeth need the root canal.
  • Extraction: If your teeth need to be removed for restoration, this typically costs an average of about $75-$200 per tooth. It depends on how impacted the tooth is, where it is located, and if you need anesthesia.
  • Dentures: The average cost for a full set of dentures is $1,500 to $15,000 per arch. This price depends on the quality of dentures chosen. Premium sets are more expensive.
  • Implants: The average price of a dental implant is based on a per tooth price. This will likely cost $3,000-$5,000 per tooth, with an additional cost if grafting is required.
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Final Thoughts

The cost of full mouth reconstruction largely depends on the procedures that are going to be necessary for your restoration process. This guide provides you an average but the best way to understand the cost is to check with your provider and get an estimate from them.

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