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  • Whiter, Brighter Smile!
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  • Great for Sensitive Teeth
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Why OC Dental Center?

Looking to get the perfect smile? OC Dental Center always keeps up with new and exciting technology in the teeth whitening dental field to make sure yellow teeth become bright, shiny white teeth! Whitening teeth has never been easier or more convenient with OC Dental Center's Start Pure® teeth whitening machine. And our patients love our prices because of the real results they experience in a very short period of time.

What Is Start Pure® Teeth Whitening?

OC Dental Center uses Start Pure® whitening machines for the top, most popular cosmetic way to whiten your teeth. The best system to get whiter teeth is one that uses cost-effective methods and solutions that work and don't negatively affect patients with sensitive teeth. We've found that our Start Pure® teeth whitening treatment is that system, and it's why so many patients trust Start Pure® over other professional teeth whitening techniques and clinics out there.

Why Start Pure® Whitening over Gels, Trays, or Whitening Strips?

With so many good teeth whitening and teeth bleaching options out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is actually best for you and your teeth. Many patients find that the Start Pure® whitening process is:

  1. Faster
  2. Great for not inducing tooth sensitivity
  3. Works best to make teeth whiter quickly

In just 45 minutes to one hour, many patients experience a smile that is eight shades whiter!

Teeth Whitening Process

Using our Start Pure® blue LED light teeth whitening system, stained teeth can become many shades brighter with much less side effects than gel trays, whitening strips or pens, homemade products, or DIY tricks at home which can be dangerous.

Our teeth whitening procedure is as follows:

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

Many times, the full teeth whitening procedure can be finished within one visit. During your initial consultation, we will log your teeth's current shade of white so we can compare your results after each teeth whitening session.

Next, our dentist will check your recent dental history and also check for crowns, bridges, veneers, or other dental work to be sure to be mindful of those things during the whitening. We will also check for the last time you had a teeth cleaning and we may recommend a full cleaning beforehand as getting rid of plaque and tartar will help to create the most even shade of white possible.

Step 2 - Teeth Whitening Procedure

After Step 1 comes the actual teeth whitening procedure. First we insert soft cheek retractors to expose your teeth comfortably during the process. Then we use a gel to protect your gums. We then place a mild teeth whitening agent on your teeth that will magnify the whitening effects of the Start Pure® LED light.

We then place some orange glasses on you to protect your eyes and place the LED over your teeth. We will typically spread out the whitening sessions into four sessions about 15 minutes long and we will check on you regularly. Once finished, we will clean and wash your mouth.

Step 3 - Enjoy Your New Smile!

Contact us for special deals and offers for making your stained teeth whiter today. See why many refer to us as the best place to whiten your teeth in OC!


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