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Why OC Dental Center for Braces or Invisalign®-like Aligners Called ClearCorrect?

OC Dental Center is always keeping up with the latest orthodontic technology to give our clients the absolute best and fastest experience towards straightening their teeth. Our clients can choose to straighten their teeth through our FASTBRACES® system or through ClearCorrect, which are a clear teeth aligners similar to Invisalign®, but with some key differences

Holistic Approach to Straightening Teeth

At OC Dental Center we believe in gently and holistically straightening the teeth of our patients. We don't use aggressive techniques like orthodontic headgear, and we rarely pull teeth before our patients get braces. We use a braces method that quickly and efficiently moves teeth in a way that it moves both the roots and the teeth at the same time, causing less pain and faster teeth straightening times.

FASTBRACES® vs. Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces typically have square brackets, can be painful, and typically move your teeth at slower-than-desired pace. FASTBRACES® use a triangular brackets with special elbows on them that allow the metal wire to move your tooth's crown and root at the same time, often cutting your time with braces in half!

There have also been hundreds of documented cases, studies, and seminars of reporting that patients had much lower pain levels with FASTBRACES® than with traditional metal braces. FASTBRACES® are great for kids and adults!

Adult Braces in Santa Ana, California

Our Braces Procedure

For adults looking to straighten their teeth fast, our FASTBRACES® system may be a great option for you. Our orthodontic process goes as follows:

  1. Orthodontic Examination - During our consultation, our Santa Ana orthodontist will evaluate your teeth and gums health to make sure your mouth is ready for bracees. If your teeth and gums look great, we will check your teeth's positioning such as overbites, underbites, crowded teeth and more.
  2. 3D Imaging - Next we will take X-rays of your mouth and implement our state-of-the-art technology to construct a 3D image of your mouth. Through physical and computer inspection of your teeth, we will be able formulate a great strategy for straightening your teeth.
  3. Attach Brackets - Once we go over our orthodontic strategy with you and answer any questions you may have, we will begin the procedure. First we will attach our special triangular brackets from our FASTBRACES® kit to each of your teeth.
  4. Insert Wire - Then insert a special metal wire into your brackets which will gently and quickly start to move your teeth's roots and crowns at the same time. We are committed to getting your teeth straightened and your braces off in as quickly a time as possible!

ClearCorrect vs. Invisalign® Clear Teeth Aligning Trays

If people in our area are looking for an alternative to metal braces, typically they search for "Invisalign® Santa Ana" or a similar search term. Our orthodontists have offered Invisalign® in the past, but we encountered a problem with the system.

Our patients would come in for an evaluation to receive Invisalign® for straighter teeth. Our patients would only come in once to receive their exam and then we would conclude they needed, for example purposes, 30 trays. When using Invisalign®, we would need to order all 30 trays at once. Every few weeks, after patient's teeth would align from the current tray, our patient would replace the tray with the next one in line.

The problem with this system is that patients' teeth may move in unexpected positions and their next tray may not fit so the next 10-20 trays would need to be thrown out. Then we would need to have the patient come back into the dental office to be re-evaluated and order more trays. We concluded that offering Invisalign® did not have our patients' best interests in mind.

The ClearCorrect Alternative to Invisalign®

That's when we found the ClearCorrect system! With ClearCorrect we are able to only order a few teeth aligning trays at a time so that after our patients' teeth have moved after the first few trays, we can re-evaluate them and order the next trays based on their new teeth positioning. This way our clients never have to waste money on aligning trays that are no longer needed.

For a Full Orthodontic Examination for ClearCorrect, the Santa Ana Invisalign® Alternative Aligning Trays System, Call Us Now at (714) 966-9000 or Visit Our Contact Us Page

How Long Do I Need to Have Braces or Invisalign® Alternative ClearConnect For?

Every mouth is different and we would need to evaluate your mouth to give an accurate time quote. However, we are proud to say that our FASTBRACES® system as well as our ClearConnect clear teeth whitening trays are extremely fast and efficient teeth straightening systems. We chose these systems to give our patients two options that align teeth safely and quickly. Many orthodontic studies have been doen showing that these systems can drastically cut down the time it takes for traditional teeth straightening.

Frequently Asked Questions about Braces

What Kind of Retainers Will I Be Given? Hawley or Essix?

For patients that have completed our FASTBRACES® technology, we will typically have them wear a Hawley retainer that uses a small wire to keep their teeth in place. For those that finish our ClearCorrect teeth straightening program, we offer them an Essix retainer, which is a clear plastic tray similar to the ClearCorrect trays.

How Often Will I Need to Wear My Retainer?

For the first year, we recommend our patients wear their retainer at all times, only taking it off for eating, brushing, and flossing. For the next 2-5 years, we recommend wearing your retainer at night. For rare occasions in that our patients still have their wisdom teeth, there could be a possibility that the wisdom teeth will crowd your teeth and misalign them again so we may recommend a permanent retainer for your bottom teeth to prevent this.

Will I Need to Wear Orthodontic Headgear?

Definitely Not! None of our dental offices use headgear to straighten patients' teeth. Reason being, we have seen that headgear presses down on the condyles (joint area) of your jaw and can cause migraines for a lifetime. We are greatly against this procedure and we use orthodontic procedures that are gentle and effective for less pain and faster teeth straightening times.

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