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Cosmetic Dental Office - Affordable Aesthetic Dentistry

OC Dental Center's mission is to ensure all of our patients get the smile they want and deserve. Many of our patients are impressed when they walk into our cosmetic dental office and notice the kind of advanced technology we use. From 3D imaging and X-rays, to our special LED light Start Pure® teeth whitening system, OC Dental Center keeps up with all the new technology changes in cosmetic dentistry to better serve our clients.

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Porcelain Veneers

Our patients who are looking to get a complete smile makeover love our porcelain dental veneers procedures. Our veneers are made from porcelain, which is a white, extremely strong material that looks like a perfect human tooth. We cement these over your current teeth and they completely transform your smile. Your teeth become the perfect shape and whiteness for your mouth. In some candidates they even can make teeth appear straighter.

Start Pure® Teeth Whitening System

Patients love our teeth whitening procedure because it's quick, easy, and effective. All you need to do is sit in our comfortable chair and let our dentist do the rest! We will clean your teeth, then using our Start Pure® equipment, we will shine various colors of LED lights on your teeth. Each different colored light promotes a different benefit such as teeth whitening, promoting healthy gums, and killing bacteria.

Teeth Whitening Technology

Our patients choose our Start Pure® teeth whitening system over traditional teeth whiteners like gels, whitening strips, and pens for a variety of reasons:

  • Convenience - No more having to deal with inconvenient trays and gel refills.
  • Saving Time - All you need to do is come in for one session and our patients are seeing their teeth whiten by 8 shades!
  • Better for Sensitive Teeth - Another main concern of our patients before using our system is whether Start Pure® will cause their teeth to be sensitive to hot and cold food afterwards. They are ecstatic when they find out Start Pure® is great for people with sensitive teeth!

Dental Bridges

You may be a good candidate for a dental bridge if you have a large gap in your teeth from a missing tooth. Bridges do a fantastic job of virtually unnoticeably closing your gap through an artificial tooth connected by two crowns. You can learn more about dental bridges here.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used as either replacements for a tooth's root, or as the foundation for cosmetic dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and more. Sometimes dental implants are needed to take the place of teeth that have been removed due tooth decay, gum disease, or other issues. During your exam/consultation we will go over what the best options are for your unique situation.

Porcelain Crowns

Crowns are basically caps that look like teeth that go over your damaged teeth. We numb the area around the damaged tooth, file your tooth down into a cylinder shape removing all tooth decay, then we place a crown over the tooth, making your smile look like new! Our 3D imaging and X-ray machines allow us to create teeth that look perfect for your mouth. More on our dental crown procedure here.

Dental Restoration and Reconstruction

We always say that cosmetic dentistry is an art form, not a cold procedure. It's something that needs to be handled by an expert with years of experience and successful clients. We can help fix many problems whether it be an overbite, underbite, cracked or chipped tooth, uneven jaw, and so much more.

Cosmetic Orthodontist Practice

Orthodontics is one of our most popular departments, as so many people are looking to straighten and perfect their teeth. We use modern advancements in braces technology that can actually cut the time of wearing them in half as opposed to old methods. We are able to use special brackets and systems that allow us to move the root and the teeth at the same time. Call us today for a free braces consultation or second opinion: (714) 352-4288

Cosmetic Surgery for Teeth

Not to fear if you are suffering from more severe issues with your teeth at the moment. Perhaps your teeth are in need of a root canal, removal of tooth decay, or gum disease therapy. Our team is dedicated to easing your fears and any pain from the procedure with proven highly advanced methods that continually lead to the success of our patients. We love helping our clients feel at complete ease in our state-of-the-art dental facility!

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