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We know that many kids may not look forward to the dentist, so it's our goal at OC Dental Center to change that! Our dentists are proud of the fact that we are boosting the self-esteem of kids all throughout Orange County. Our dentists love working with kids to get their little smiles perfect again! We also have flat screen TVs in each of our rooms so kids can sit back, relax, and watch TV while our dentist or orthodontist makes their smile great.

Why OC Dental Center for Your Child's Dentist?

A great kid's dentistry should be more than just having a fun surrounding or TVs to watch cartoons on (which we have); the most important thing is that the dentists are experts on the actual dental procedures! And typically, dentistry for children, namely orthodontics, needs a different approach than working with adult teeth. We are very conscious of this and have over 20 years of experience in kids dentistry.

Children's Orthodontist Santa Ana

Jaw Formation of Kids

Orthodontics is the treatment of aligning the teeth and jaw through braces or other methods. If you are bringing your child in for braces, our goal at OC Dental Center is to make sure that your child is set up for success later in life. This means that not every child is a great candidate for braces at an early age because their jaw or teeth positions will continue to grow over time, thus causing them to possibly need to get braces again in high school or college. When you bring your child in to OC Dental Center, our kid or pediatric dentists will perform a full evaluation and recommend the best early-age procedure for your child's unique mouth.

Children's Dentistry Santa Ana

At OC Dental Center, we offer many dental care procedures for kids:

  • Emergency Kids Dentistry
  • Fixing broken, chipped, or cracked teeth
  • Cosmetically fixing teeth that are slanted or sharp
  • White composite fillings for cavities
  • Closing large gaps in teeth
  • Fixing teeth affected by grinding while sleeping

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