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Why Choose OC Dental Center for Your Oral Surgeon or for a Teeth Removal?

Our dentists at OC Dental Center are extremely gentle as well as thorough in all of our procedures, but especially in the area of teeth pulling. We know that the thought of pulling teeth, namely wisdom teeth, can be a fear for many people. Our oral surgeons take the time to answer any of your questions and concerns before beginning any procedure.

We always stay up to date with the best technology available in the dental field so our procedures are as minimally invasive and pain-free as possible. What's also great about our dental office is that after your wisdom tooth extraction we leave you with all-natural, organic products that work to soothe your gums and really aid in the recovery process.

You can also call us for emergency wisdom teeth removal.

For a Wisdom Tooth Pulling or Tooth Extraction with Little to No Pain from the Maxillofacial Surgeons at OC Dental Center, Call: (714) 966-9000

Why Would I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

There are two main reasons towards needing wisdom teeth removed.

  • Pain - Sometimes wisdom teeth do not starting coming in until later in life, such as in the mid-to-late twenties. If there isn't enough room in your mouth for the wisdom teeth, they can start to push into your molars and cause pain and other complications.
  • Impaction - When your wisdom teeth begin to grow in horizontally, this situation is called an "impacted tooth". This can be problematic because it causes shifts in your teeth and also pain.

What Is the Wisdom Teeth Procedure Like?

Typically we recommend that our patients use sedation because the wisdom teeth extraction process is more involved than a simple teeth pulling. We use 3D imaging as well as X-rays in various cases to formulate the best plan for your unique mouth. Also, our dentists are great at teaching about proper recovery habits so your mouth can be at its best again as quickly as possible! You can also reach out to us at any time with questions after your procedure.

Call the Experts for Tooth Pulling or Wisdom Teeth Removal in Santa Ana, California, Call: (714) 966-9000