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Why OC Dental Center - Gum (Periodontal) Disease Specialists

OC Dental Center is dedicated to keeping up with the latest practices and treatment for periodontal disease. We love educating our clients on how to prevent gum disease so a second treatment or surgery will never be necessary for you. We use state-of-the-art technology to create a safe and successful environment for our patients.

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What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Early Stages - Gingivitis

If regular brushing and flossing is not a regular part of a dental hygiene plan, plaque may build up on your teeth from harmful bacteria in your mouth. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it cannot be removed by brushing or flossing, but can be removed from a professional teeth cleaning from a dentist.

If tartar is not removed from your teeth, it can start to build up along your gum lines and start to cause gingivitis, which is the inflammation of your gums which can cause gum sensitivity, puffing, and bleeding. Gingivitis is easier to reverse than gum disease. With a new habit of brushing, flossing, and bi-annual teeth cleanings from your local dentist, such as OC Dental Center, you should see improvements.

How Do I Know If I Have Gum Disease?

Some of the following symptoms could be signs of gum disease:

  • Constant bad breath
  • Extremely swollen or sensitive gums
  • Gums that bleed regularly
  • Teeth that are loose
  • Gums that recede away from teeth
  • Chewing hurts

Once gingivitis becomes more severe, you may start to encounter something called periodontitis. Periodontitis occurs when bacteria from gingivitis becomes more severe and your gums start to pull away from your teeth causing pockets. Infections can occur in these pockets and if not treated right away, may turn into gum disease. If this happens we may need to start replacing the affected teeth.

But don't worry! Come in to OC Dental Center and get a free consultation with one of our gum disease dentists. Our periodontal disease procedures have proven results and we get great joy in helping our patients get back to having healthy gums and teeth.

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What Periodontal Disease Treatment Procedures Are Available to Me?

There are a variety of options and procedures that we may recommend based on the severity of the gum disease.

  1. Professional Deep Teeth Cleaning - In early cases of gum disease, it may be best to do a more thorough and advanced teeth cleaning.
  2. Flap Surgery - Flap surgery consists of implementing a deep cleaning inside of the infected pockets of your gums.
  3. Prescription Medication - Depending on the level of bacteria infection, our dentists may recommend certain medications to get the infection down quickly.
  4. Bone Grafts - If the gum disease has affected areas deep into your jaw bone, we may implement bone graft surgery which places artificial bone in areas where bone loss has occurred.

How to Help Prevent Gum Disease

Check the early signs of gum disease or gingivitis. Are your gums sensitive, swollen, or do they bleed easily? Do you notice more plaque and tartar buildup than usual? Start inspecting your brushing and flossing routine and schedule an appointment with OC Dental Center for a teeth cleaning and we will share other prevention tips so gum disease isn't ever a problem for you!

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