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Why OC Smile for Your Wisdom Tooth Removal

OC Smile has over 20 years of dental experience, including teeth removal and also removing wisdom teeth through oral surgery. Our Mission Viejo oral surgeons are highly experienced and are well-known for removing a wisdom tooth quickly and with very little pain. Our dentists will also educate you on what to do after your procedure so you can have a fast and fully successful recovery.

Green Dentistry with Oral Care Products to Aid in Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

Every mouth is different, and some people require more recovery time than others. However, at OC Smile, we give our patients a selection of gentle, organic dental hygiene and recovery products to promote the quickest healing. We have an all-natural recovery and repair spray to help with soreness and also all-natural toothpaste and mouthwash with coconut oil and aloe vera to promote healthy teeth and gums and to prevent dry mouth.

Learn more about our natural, vegan oral hygiene products here: (( Rejuvenate Link ))

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are experiencing constant pain with your wisdom teeth, and require immediate attention, please don't hesitate to call our number below and we will work to get you in ASAP.

Wisdom Tooth Pulling, Tooth Extraction, Maxillofacial Surgeons in Mission Viejo, California, Call: (949) 461-0000

When Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Usually it's a good idea to look at getting your wisdom teeth removed if you have either:

  1. Constant Pain - Pain can occur when your wisdom teeth have little space to grow into the back of your mouth.
  2. Impacted Teeth - This is when your wisdom teeth are growing in horizontally and are either causing pain or causing your teeth to go crooked.

Wisdom Teeth Procedure

Our dentists have seen it all when it comes to needing wisdom teeth pulled. We use the latest technology and advanced methods to be as minimally invasive as possible to give you the best experience. Contact us today to schedule a professional and friendly, no-obligatin consultation with one of our dentists.

Wisdom Tooth Pulling or Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mission Viejo, California, Call: (949) 461-0000

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