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periodontal gum disease treatment mission viejo
  • Heal and Soothe Your Gums
  • 20 Years Experience of Healing Gums
  • Gentle Process
  • Friendly, Warm Staff
  • Affordable Financing for Gum Treatment

Why OC Smile for Your Mission Viejo Periodontal (Gum) Disease Experts Specialists?

The dentists at OC Smile are known for being as gentle as they are skilled. We have 20 years of dental experience with gum disease and love easing any anxiety our patients have of going to the dentist.

When you first arrive, you will notice that our staff are smiling, attentive, and helpful. If you are a new patient we will quickly show you how to get started with us. Our dentists will discuss your previous dental history together and then inspect your mouth's current condition. Afterwards your dentist will talk with you about your best options based on your budget and insurance. We also offer affordable financing plans as well!

And don't worry! We will answer any questions or concerns you may have before any procedure.

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How Does Gum Disease Start?

Gingivitis - Beginning Stages

Gum disease typically occurs from not getting plaque and tartar under control from regular teeth cleanings. Brushing and flossing on a regular basis helps greatly to get rid of most of the plaque, however, it doesn't get it all, and the plaque that gets leftover hardens into what's called tartar.

Tartar buildup over time can form around the gum line and can cause inflammation and infection. Letting inflammation go on too long can cause gingivitis, which is early stage gum disease.

Early Signs of Gum Disease

  • Consistently having bad breath
  • Gums bleeding
  • Gums become sensitive
  • Chewing hurts
  • Loose teeth
  • Gums begin to recide from your teeth

Fortunately we can reverse gum disease through different kinds of teeth cleaning and oral procedures using highly advanced equipment to achieve a successful procedure with as little pain as possible!

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How to Help Prevent Gum Disease

  1. Brush Your Teeth Regularly, Daily
  2. Floss Your Teeth Regularly, Daily
  3. Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned, Ideally Twice a Year

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