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Why Choose OC Smile for Orthodontics Mission Viejo, CA?

Holistic Approach for Teeth Straightening

We believe in gentle orthodontics and have more of a holistic approach. We don't use headgear to straighten teeth, and we rarely pull teeth from patients getting braces. Through the use of modern dental technology and our special braces system, we are able to help our clients get the smile they need with less pain and in less time than most other traditional braces.


Invisalign® Alternative: ClearCorrect Aligners

Straightening teeth has never been easier with the two amazing orthodontic choices OC Smile offers. The results our patients have been getting have been fantastic. Our patients love the lower-than-expected pain with our braces system as well as the fast time that their teeth were straightened.

Our patients can either choose our metal bracket FASTBRACES® or our clear aligners called ClearCorrect.

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FASTBRACES® vs. Traditional Metal Braces

FASTBRACES® use specially-shaped brackets to help move your teeth and roots at the same time. This super efficient way of moving your teeth has shown in various orthodontic studies to rapidly speed up the time needed to have braces on over traditional metal bracket braces. Patients also often report less pain levels than those with traditional metal braces.

Orthodontic FAQs

Will I Need to Get Teeth Pulled Before Braces?

Only in rare occasions do we recommend that our orthodontic patients get teeth pulled before getting braces.

What Kind of a Retainer Will I Need?

Hawley (wired) Retainer or an Essix (clear, plastic, similar to Invisalign®) Retainer?

We typically have our patients use a Hawley retainer after they have finished our FASTBRACES® system. If our patients use ClearCorrect, we have them use an Essix retainer, which is a clear plastic tray that looks like Invisalign®.

How Often Do I Need to Wear the Retainer After I Get My Braces Off?

For the first year we recommend that our patients wear our retainers all the time, except to eat and brush their teeth/floss. After one year, then we want them to wear the retainer at night for 2-5 years. If our patients still have their wisdom teeth, generally it's a good idea to wear your retainer as often as possible to prevent your wisdom teeth from pushing and misaligning your other teeth.

Will I Need to Wear Orthodontic Headgear?

We don't use headgear! Headgear puts unnecessary stress on the condyles (the joint areas) of your jaw. Over time, this pressure can cause permanent damage to patients such as migraines for the rest of their lives. It can also cause the overall symmetry of their face to change.

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Braces Alternative - Clear Teeth Aligning Trays

ClearCorrect vs. Invisalign®

When we offered Invisalign® at our orthodontic dentistry, we were required to order all of our patient's clear teeth aligners at once. The way clear teeth aligners generally work is that after your orthodontic exam, your dentist sends your teeth positioning, size, and shape to the clear teeth aligner company of choice. Then that company sends you a certain amount of clear aligning trays for that specific patient. Each successive tray has a straighter version of the mold of your teeth, so that eventually after your last tray you have perfectly straight teeth.

However, with Invisalign®, they would send all of patient's teeth aligner trays at once. The problem with that is that sometimes after tray #6 or #7, a patient's jaw may change, or perhaps their teeth may straighten a different way that the Invisalign® system would predict. So our patients would need to schedule more appointments with us to get new aligner trays and they would need to throw away their old trays!

With ClearCorrect, our patients only receive a few trays at a time so that we can re-assess their teeth's positioning and make sure they are always getting the best teeth aligning trays on schedule.

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Adult Braces in Mission Viejo, California

Our Braces Procedure

  1. Orthodontic Examination
  2. 3D Imaging
  3. Attach Brackets
  4. Insert Wire

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