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  • No More Metal Amalgam Cavity Fillings!
  • Durable and Beautiful White Fillings
  • Gentle and Warm Dentists
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Why OC Smile?

OC Smile is very health conscious of everything we place in our patients' mouths, from using all-natural, organic toothpaste and mouthwash, to white composite fillings instead of amalgam fillings, which contain mercury. You can rely on our Fullerton dental office to implement the safest procedures and products that promote healthier teeth and gums for our patients.

We Only Recommend Dental Procedures That You Need!

Probably one of the biggest complaints that we hear from our Fullerton patients who come to us for a second opinion is that other dentists in Orange County recommended to them an inordinate amount of procedures that weren't really necessary. We love giving our patients second opinions and you can trust us to fully explain each procedure we recommend in detail and answer any questions you may have.

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White Composite Fillings Vs. Amalgam Metal Fillings - Fullerton Dentistry

Many dentists today are still using amalgam fillings which are metal and contain mercury in them. Not only do we not want to put mercury in our patients' mouths, but we also don't like making our patients' teeth a silver color!

Our dentistry made the switch to white composite fillings almost a decade ago and our patients love it. Composite fillings are white, just like your teeth's enamel, so it blends in. Also it's a mixture of glass and plastic so it's very durable and long lasting.

How We Implement Our Cavity Filling Procedure

Our patients don't need to worry about experiencing much pain with our cavity filling process because of the technology we have available to us today. Take a look at our fillings process below:

  1. Numbing - The first step is to numb the area around your toothache so you don't have to feel a thing throughout your treatment.
  2. Treating the Cavity - Step #2 is to remove the tooth decay from your tooth enamel through a gentle procedure.
  3. Apply Filling - The final step is to fill up the hole where the tooth decay was with our white composite filling and you can now enjoy your smile without having that toothache anymore!

OC Smile - Green Dentistry - Organic, All-Natural Dental Hygiene & Oral Care Products

At OC Smile, we are proud to be a "Green" dentistry where we use toothpaste, mouthwash, and many other oral care products that are vegan and all-natural. These products are non-toxic unlike many mainstream dental hygiene products. Our patients love them because they promote healthy teeth and gums without the harshness of chemicals.

You Can Learn More Regarding Our All-Natural Dental Hygiene Products Called Rejuvenate Here.

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