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  • Kids Love It Here!
  • Flat Screens in Each Room for Your Children to Watch TV!
  • 20 Years of Kid Dentistry Experience
  • Fun & Caring Staff Members

Children's Dentist in Fullerton - OC Smile!

Our dentists at OC Smile kids dentistry in Fullerton are great with kids. We love helping children to have a fun time and feel at ease with any procedures they need to have done. Our staff is warm, friendly, and welcoming. There are flat screen TVs next to each of our dental chairs so your child can watch TV during procedures. Our pediatric dentists have been helping children and toddlers have healthy smiles for over 20 years now. We are very gentle with all of our procedures and will go at the speed your child is comfortable with.

Children's Dentistry in Fullerton, California! Contact Us or Call (714) 441-1414

Green Children's Dentistry: Fullerton

Organic, All-Natural, & Holistic Dental Hygiene Products

We really enjoy helping your little ones by promoting healthy teeth and gums through our vegan, organic products like our Rejuvenate toothpaste, mouthwash, and more. We don't want to administer to your children dangerous and toxic chemicals that are normally found in mainstream oral hygiene products. After your child's dental procedure, we will be sure to have you leave with some Rejuvenate products as well!

Kid Dentistry for Emergencies

Be sure to call us right away if you are in Fullerton and your child is experiencing any of the following dental emergencies:

  • Broken teeth: Cracks or chips
  • Sharp teeth: Irregularly shaped or jagged and painful teeth from grinding teeth at night
  • Crowded teeth: Teeth crowding that is now painful from a tooth or a wisdom tooth growing in.
  • Any Consistent Tooth Pain: If your child is experiencing any toothache at all and needs to see us immediately, call us today.

Kid's Dentist Fullerton: Contact Us or Call (714) 441-1414

Child Orthodontists

Our Kid Orthodontist team really is one of the best in Fullerton and OC. We understand very important principles when working on straightening young mouths. Many times getting braces at a young age is not the best options for kids because their jaw and teeth may continue to grow and shift even after their braces are off. This can cause a child to need to wear braces again. And we don't want that; we want your child to be set up for future success!

Our children orthodontic staff will perform a full dental examination and recommend the best teeth straightening procedure based on your child's age and other factors that we can go over with you during the consultation.

Come visit with your kids to our OC Smile Fullerton dental center today!

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