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  • Fast Teeth Straightening Technology
  • FASTBRACES® System
  • Invisalign® Alternative Called ClearCorrect
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Why Go with OC Smile for Orthodontics in Fullerton, CA?

Braces Choice: FASTBRACES®

Invisalign® Alternative: the ClearCorrect Aligners

OC Smile gives our patients two main options for straightening teeth:

  1. FASTBRACES® - Similar to traditional metal braces, however with less pain and much faster straightening!
  2. ClearCorrect - These are invisible aligners similar to Invisalign® that we have seen to be a more effective solution for those wanting a clear way to straighten teeth.

FASTBRACES® vs. Traditional Metal Braces

Why FASTBRACES® over conventional metal braces? With FASTBRACES®, many orthodontic studies have shown that patients see a much faster teeth straightening timeframe than regular braces. Studies also show that patients experience much less pain than with other types of braces. The reason being is FASTBRACES® move both the root of the tooth and the tops of your teeth at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Braces

How Long Do I Have to Wear Braces?

Every mouth is different, so one person may need braces for a year, another person for a year and a half or more. One thing is for sure, we use amazing dental technology to formulate the best teeth straightening plan for your unique mouth. We can fix overbites, underbites, and many other types of teeth misalignments.

Will I Have to Wear Orthodontic Headgear?

No! In fact, we don't believe that headgear should be used for dental and orthodontic procedures. When headgear pulls back your jaw in hopes of fixing an overbite, it actually creates unneeded pressure on your condyles (joint areas of the jaw). This pressure can cause migraines for the rest of some patients' lives. So you will NOT be asked to wear headgear at our dental offices.

What Kind of Retainer Does OC Smile Provide After I Get My Braces Off?

Hawley Retainer (wired) or Essix (plastic tray similar to Invisalign®) Retainer?

If our patients have used our FASTBRACES® system for malocclusion (abnormal teeth alignment), then we will most likely recommend the Hawley retainer. For our ClearCorrect patients (teeth straightening system similar to Invisalign®), we typically have them use an Essix clear plastic retainer.

In rare occasions, it may best to receive a permanent retainer for lower teeth if you still have your wisdom teeth. When your wisdom teeth are still coming in, they can shift or push your other teeth forward, causing your teeth to become misaligned again. We will go over everything with you during your consultation to see what's best for your situation.

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The Alternative to Braces: Clear Trays for Teeth Alignment

Invisalign® vs. ClearCorrect

We have found that with ClearCorrect, our patients like it better than Invisalign® because you only need to order a few trays at a time instead of ordering all of your trays at once. When you order all of your trays at once, sometimes your teeth may move differently than expected and then our patients would have to throw out their next trays.

With the ClearCorrect system, you only need to order a small amount of straightening trays at a time so we can then re-evaluate your teeth's position at every major change.

Check to See Whether You Are a Great Candidate for ClearCorrect, Contact Us Today! (714) 441-1414

Adult Braces in Fullerton, California

Our Braces Procedure

  1. Orthodontic Exam & Consultation
  2. 3D Imaging Technology
  3. Attach Brackets to Teeth
  4. Insert Wire through Brackets

For a Full Orthodontic Examination for Our FASTBRACES® System or for ClearCorrect, Our Fullerton Invisalign® Alternative System for Clear Aligning Trays, Contact Us Now at (714) 441-1414

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