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Were you searching for a "kid's dentist near me"? We are so glad you found OC Dental and we are looking forward to the chance to meet your kids and help them have a fun time in our office during their dental visit. Whether your children need a cavity filled, or perhaps some early-stage teeth straightening, our dental group has been creating happy children patients for over 20 years now.

Why Parents Love OC Dental Center over Other Kid Dentists?

It's our goal to make sure every child leaving OC Dental Center has a lifted self-esteem from a better, healthier smile. Parents love bringing their kids to our dental offices because we take the time to educate them on how to keep their kids' teeth and gums healthy. We not only have a fun environment but we've created a learning environment so your children can have their best smiles.

Pediatric Dentist Orange County

When Should I Start Taking My Kids to the Dentist?

As soon as your kids gets 4-6 teeth in their mouth is when we recommend you start bringing your children in for check ups and cleanings. This is typically at age 1 and a half or 18 months. This is also a great time to start bringing them so parents can start implementing the best oral hygiene habits on their children at an early age to set them up for a lifetime!

Some of the education topics we include in our dental consultations and exams are: what types of toothpaste and mouthwash to use, how to prepare for teeth eruption (teeth growing up through the gums), and when to start getting orthodontics checkups.

Some Common Problems with Kids' Teeth

At a young age, there are many dental issues that kids may undergo. Below are some of these issues that we can help with:

  • Cracked tooth from the playground
  • Sharp or slanted teeth
  • Dental cavities and fillings
  • Large gaps in front teeth
  • Uneven teeth from grinding while asleep
  • ...and much more!

Kid Orthodontist

When to Start Going to the Orthodontist

For orthodontic treatment, we recommend that kids start around ages 11-14. During these ages the bone is still soft and flexible and we are able to holistically treat bite issues, crowding of teeth, and spacing of teeth without pulling out any teeth or using invasive appliances such as headgears.

It's important to know that kid orthodontics at a very early age should be done with caution and is not right for every child. Many times, braces are unnecessary for children and can actually be harmful in the long run. Reason being, in some cases a child will get braces in elementary school before his/her jaw has fully formed and grown, which can keep the jaw from growing normally.

Early Jaw Formation

Another problem with getting braces too early is that many times after the child reaches high school, the jaw has grown and the teeth have shifted and they may need to get braces again. However, there are some cases where if the child's teeth are so irregularly placed that they are causing discomfort or other teeth to grow in unsightly or with pain, it may be a good idea to start some early orthodontic work.

Our staff has been working with kids for many years and we will find the best dental or orthodontic procedure for your little ones so they keep laughing and smiling!

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