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Orange County Composite Fillings

For Cavities, Irregular Teeth, or a Cracked Tooth

orange county dental cavity fillings white composite
  • Natural-Looking White Fillings
  • Filling Matches Your Tooth's Color
  • Strong & Durable Composite Filling
  • Affordable Procedure
  • Pain Relief from Cavities or Cracked Teeth

Why OC Dental Center?

OC Dental is always keeping up with the latest trends for tooth fillings in the dental field. We have many patients that rave about our white composite fillings because it matches the color of tooth enamel. Because the composite material used in the filling is white, we can also in many cases use this filling to fix a cracked tooth or an irregularly-shaped tooth depending on the severity.

Why Should I Go to the Dentist If I Have a Toothache?

It's always best to visit us when you start to feel a toothache. Many times toothaches turn out to be small cavities, and are easily fixed with very minimal pain. However, if you wait to visit your dentist, there's a chance that the tooth decay and cavities can run deep into your teeth and gums and can cause more serious issues that need more complicated procedures.

White Composite Fillings

Cavity Filling Procedure

Once we've determined that your toothache is a cavity or see a cavity start to form, we can recommend our white composite filling. What's great about this filling is that it doesn't show up like the metal fillings that many people are used to seeing.

Cavity Filling Process:

  1. Numb - The first step is to numb the area around your tooth, including your gums, so you will have very little discomfort during the cavity filling procedure.
  2. Drill - We will safely and gently drill away the tooth decay.
  3. Fill - Composite filling is inserted.

Many times, this process will only be a few minutes.

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